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Iconify is a unified open source icon framework that makes it possible to use many icons from different icon sets on same page or in same application using one syntax. Iconify combines pixel perfect rendering of SVG with ease of use of glyph fonts, while offering more choice than any glyph font or SVG framework npm install @visurel/iconify-angular. If you are using Yarn: yarn add @visurel/iconify-angular. This package does not include icons. Icons are split into separate packages that available at NPM. See Iconify-React. Usage Name syntax. Import the icons you want to use, and export them as an object

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Iconify - Unified icons framewor

  1. So for my project (using React and Redux), I keep having errors of 'Module Not Found'. I've google'd & stackoverflow'd several solutions and have seen people say that there's something messed u..
  2. Actually you are having some issue in your package-lock.json. Because package-lock.json inserts a integrity key with each dependency in that json. Sometimes that json gets disformed/corrupted so when npm goes to read it next time to figure out what version of dependency to install. It gives this kind of error
  3. Posted on October 5, 2020 by Dallsant. I don't really understand what is happening, I have this element in another component and it works without issues, I'm definitely importing it, this is my module: import { NgModule } from '@angular/core'; import { CommonModule } from '@angular/common'; import { SidenavComponent } from './sidenav.component'
  4. GitHub - iconify/iconify-angular: Angular implementation

angular • Simple Icons • Iconif

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