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FF X Komplettlösung: Die Al Bhed-Primers, Auf dem Weg zur alten Ruine, Unterwasserruinen, Gegner: Tros, Kampf gegen Tros: Taktik Al Bhed Primer XIV can be obtained in Rin's Establishment in the Thunderplains. Talk to Rikku to make Rin appear. Talk to him and tell him that learning the language is going okay. It can be found in Bikanel Island if missed here Al Bhed is difficult to understand at first, but as you find Al Bhed Primers, each letter of the language will be translated for you. There are 26 Primers in total. Many have a set location or way to obtain them, but unlike in Final Fantasy X you can dig at Bikanel Island for a chance to find any you may have missed

Al Bhed Primer XXII is found at the entrance of Bevell Cloister of Trials and is a missable Al bhed Primer. The only way to complete the Al Bhed Primers if this is missed is to use the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere so it is suggested to create a duplicate save file before reaching this area. Final Fantasy X Related Link 3.5 Auf dem Al Bhed-Schiff 4 Die Al Bhed-Primers: Komplettlösung FF X. 4.1 Die Al Bhed-Primers 4.2 Auf dem Weg zur alten Ruine 4.3 Unterwasserruinen 4.4 Gegner: Tros 4.5 Kampf gegen Tros: Takti Final Fantasy X/Al Bhed Primers. There are 26 Al Bhed primers, each of which translates a letter. They look like little brown books and usually blend in with the background well. If you collect them all, talk to Rin on the Airship and he will give you Underdog Secret x99 . Al Bhed Primer vol

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  1. Al Bhed Primers (アルベド語辞書, Arubedo go jisho?, lit. Dicionário Al Bhed ) são itens em Final Fantasy X e Final Fantasy X-2 que decifram a linguagem dos Al Bhed , sendo cada item a tradução de uma letra
  2. All 26 Al Bhed Primer Locations [Final Fantasy X] These books are dictionaries that translate the Al Bhed's language for the player, and there are 26 of them in all in the game (one for each..
  3. All Al Bhed Primers are available. The sphere grid is empty, but every charakter will get 255 in all stat points, a massive amount of HP and a bit over 999 MP, so there is no break necessary. The Stupid Grid has everything
  4. Here it is - a full list of where to find every Al Bhed Primer in FF10. There are 26 in total - one for eachn letter of the alphabet, with each corresponding to explain what each letter of the.

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  1. Where do I sync my al bhed primers? I have a save with all al bhed primers, and I'm not sure where to sync it to my save? < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments . Kaotic. May 15, 2016 @ 4:52pm It's in the first area of the unknown temple just after you arrive to spira. its on the top left side irc. Last edited by Kaotic; May 15, 2016 @ 4:54pm #1. Neil9444. May 15, 2016 @ 4:52pm Originally posted by.
  2. All Locations of Al Bhed Primers of Final Fantasy X00:00 - I - Al Bhed Salvage Ship00:10 - II - Besaid - Crusader's Lodge00:20 - III - S.S. Liki - Engine Roo..
  3. Throughout the land of Spira, the party finds Al Bhed Primers, which help to uncover the mystery of the languages. Below is a list of the Primers, the information they reveal, and their location:..
  4. Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV¶. In Kilika Village, there is a tavern you can enter on the second screen.The Primer will be found on the desk inside that tavern. Al Bhed Primer Vol. V¶. Upon leaving Kilika Village in the main story, you will board the S.S. Winno.When you have free reign to move, go to the bridge and you will see this Primer sitting on the ground behind the person steering the boat
  5. Al Bhed Home: Quarters: When you are inside the home, you will come to a thin corridor and you'll notice the camera changes to a different angle. Keep moving forward until it goes back to normal, then go back the way you came. You'll see a door on your left. Enter it. After a fight check on the bed in the room for the primer
  6. FFX memory card - Al Bhed Primers. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. L. lourivellini · Registered. Joined Sep 1, 2008 · 3 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 10, 2008. Hi i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a .ps2 memory card with someones saved game on it that has all the al bhed primers on the card..

Key Items: Mercury Crest* Al Bhed Primers Vol. 1, 3, 5, 14*, 17, 18. Tidus will wake up in the Oasis by alone. He'll enter an event battle with a Zuu when he walks into the desert About Al Bhed language As one of difficult mini-games in Final Fantasy X, you´ll need to find all 26 volumes of the Al Bhed Dictionary to fully understand Rikku´s native language. You can find them all scattered across the massive and engaging world of Spira. Al Bhed Primers There are 26 AlBhed language primers scattered [ Al Bhed Primers. Volume 1: Al Bhed Salvage Ship, deck, right side of screen. Volume 2: Besaid Village, Patrol Soldiers Quarters, in front of the counter. Volume 3: Transport Ship Liki, Power Room, far side of screen. Volume 4: Kilika Bar, on the counter. Volume 5: Transport Ship Winno, Control Room

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  1. Except they don't save at all; rather, they load any Al-Bhed progress you have made in any of the other FFX saves on your current memory card (achieved through collecting the various Al-Bhed Primers). If you don't actually have any other FFX saves, then the sphere does nothing. Find
  2. Al Bhed Primer Location; Al Bhed Primer I: Al Bhed Savage Ship: Al Bhed Primer II: Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge: Al Bhed Primer III: S.S. Liki - Engine Room: Al Bhed Primer IV: Kilika - Tavern: Al Bhed Primer V: S.S. Winno - Bridge: Al Bhed Primer VI: Luca Stadion - Basement B: Al Bhed Primer VII: Luca Theater - Reception : Al Bhed Primer VIII: Mi'hen Highroad: Al Bhed Primer IX: Mi'hen.
  3. Thanks to the Al Bhed Primers, you can now learn the language and finally not feel left in the dark. Below is a list of the Al Bhed Primer locations in Final Fantasy X: Volume. Location. Al Bhed Primer Vol. I. Al Bhed Salvage Ship. Al Bhed Primer Vol. II. Crusaders Lodge in the Besaid Village
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The following video shows all Al Bhed Primer locations. Fast forward to 4:25 for the three Primers hidden in Home. You may also want to double-check Bevelle, the fourth primer that's in a location you can't go back to (but again, the Compilation Sphere trick lets you add it if you found it in a different saved game) How to unlock the FFX: Speaking in Tongues achievement in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster: Find 1 Al Bhed Primer. This achievement is worth 10 Gamerscore

re: help with al bhed primer items. they can be used to customize double overdrive on a weapon(30 for that), and they are also used in some of rikku's best mixes. Vardo If you create a new game and find the primers you missed the first time around, then you can load them using the Al Bhed Sphere Thingamajig you can find, for example, in Rin's travel agencies

The Al Bhed language in FFX is one of the greatest linguistic achievements in videogaming history. FF X . Okay, so hear me out. It does seem like just a dumb fetch quest minigame. You have to collect primers to slowly decipher the language, and as you do, you can slowly understand more and more of what the Al Bhed characters are saying. There is in fact a lot of depth to this little fetch. Ich renn nahezu IMMER an den Dingern vorbei obwohl ich weiß wo sie sind!!! Z.B. das Al Bhed Lexikon Nr. 11 auf der Djose Straße ich weiß schon wo es ist und renn fünfmal rauf und runter bis ich es endlich gefunden habe. Lol ich weiß noch, wie ich mir auf der PS 2 den Wolf gesucht habe weil auf Anhieb hab ich nahezu fast ALLE komplett übersehen The Al Bhed primer is located down the left side of the temple. XXV. The third and final Calm Lands primer is located in the Sunkern Cavern. This is found towards Mt Gagazet, down the path to the right after your battle with the Guado and their machina. Towards the end of the cavern you will reach a save point So I completely missed the Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XIX) at the entrance to Home. Is there any point in Home where I am able to go back. I'm in the Hallway. Ugh I can't believe I did that. I've beaten this game multiple times and have never left a primer behind :(

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Al Bhed is a language spoken by the Al-Bhed and the primers are used to translate their language. Each Primer translates one letter of the Al Bhed language. They have 26 letters, the same amount of letters the English language has, and each letter stands for one english letter. So as you get the primers it will translate some of their language into english. Once you recieve all 26 primers you. Al Bhed Primers . Main Article: Al Bhed (Language) Al Bhed Primers are needed to translate the Al Bhed Language. Each book reveals a new letter in the alphabet. Cloudy/Celestial Mirror & Celestial Weapons . For information on how to obtain each of the character's special weapon, see Celestial Weapons (FFX). Hidden Aeons Anim Al Bhed Primers. Possible Locations for Finding Primers In 10-2 there is no set location for each individual Primer. Instead, Primers are randomely dispersed through a set amount of events/locations. Here is a list of the locations where you will find Primers: Chapter 1 # of Primers/Location/Event 3 Celsius: talk to Brother 1 Celsius: talk to Buddy 1 Luca: talk to Rin 1 Djose: talk to Gippal 1.

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Al Bhed Primers. Throughout Final Fantasy X you can learn the Al Bhed Language. There are books called Primers scattered throughout the world that reveal to you each letter of the alphabet. To find all 26 refer to the table below: Vol. I: On Al Bhed Salvage Ship deck near door: Vol. II: Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge front desk: Vol. III: SS Liki - Engine room: Vol. IV: Kilika - On floor in. gordy. Join Date: Jan 2011. Posts: 65. View My Profile. Missed Al Bhed Primer XXII (22) in Bevelle. Hi all, I was planning to beat FFX in 1 play-through, all was going really well, I collected every Al Bhed primer, apart from 22. I missed it. And typical of my luck, it's a missable primer :- ( I have no previous saves FFX 2 Al Bhed Primers Final Fantasy X-2/Al Bhed Primers — StrategyWiki, the . Al Bhed is difficult to understand at first, but as you find Al Bhed Primers, each letter of the language will be translated for you. There are 26 Primers in total. Many have a set location or way to obtain them, but unlike in Final Fantasy X you can dig at Bikanel Island for a chance to find any you may have. FFX: Speaking in Tongues. Find 1 Al Bhed Primer. 1 guide. FFX: Teamwork! Win a blitzball match. 2 guides. FFX: The Right Thing. Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials . 1 guide. FFX: A Talent for. Final Fantasy X: Al Bhed Primer Locations This guide contains all of the Al Bhed locations in FFX so you won't have to worry about missing one! | Source. Al Bhed Salvage Ship. Crusader Lodge, Besaid. S.S. Liki Power Room. Kilika Pub. Ship Wheelhouse. Luca Stadium Hallway. Luca Sphere Theater

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Al Bhed Primers. Al Bhed Primers are hidden books that teach you letter translations of the Al Bhed language. The first one is located on the ship where you initially meet Rikku behind some Al Bhed. The books are kind of hard to see so you really have to keep your eyes peeled. After you collect them all, Rin will give you 99 Underdog's Secrets which is a Customise ingredient for Double. Missable Al Bhed Primers? Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Missable Al Bhed Primers? Started by DarkAnimaa, March 25, 2014. 7 posts in this topic. DarkAnimaa 131 Rookie; Premium Member; 131 241 posts; Location: Spira; Posted March 25, 2014. i heard about missable Al Bhed Primers & i don't follow guides on my 1st playthrough . if someone know what are the missable ones i would be thankful. Guide :: Al Bhed Primer Locations FFX & FFX-2 - Steam Community. May 14, 2021 Albhed Salvage Ship (If missed, re-obtainable in Bikanel Desert, Northeastern area of the Oasis) · Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge · S.S. · Kilik Assuming you got the four missable Al Bhed Primers, at this point you should have smooth sailing to the completion (though the journey will be long). You can continue with the story until page 30. There are 26 Primers, each one conresponding to 1 letter in the Al Bhed language, and once you have them all you will be able to read Al Bhed speak in the game. 4 of the 26 Primers ARE missable so be sure to obtain them when you get to their respective locations as to not have to do a second playthrough

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XII. Moonflow, North Warf. Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII. Guadosalam, House. Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV. Thunder Plains, Agency (Tell Rin your Al Bhed studies are going ok; otherwise it is in Sanubia Desert, East) Al Bhed Primer Vol. XV. Macalania Woods, Lake Road. Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVI Where to find every Al Bhed Primer in both FF10 games, plus warnings of which primers are missable. Continue reading this story on RPG Site or discuss it

Al Bhed Primer (X) Last updated : 2021/02/26 09:50. Al Bhed Primer (X) Rarity: Rarity 5 Type: Accessory. Bonus Effect. 500 MAX HP Adds moderate ice resistance. Soul Break . None. Equipment Rankings. Attack/Defense/Magic Mind/Resistance. Comments on this page(0) Newest. Highest rated. Post a comment... Show more comments Page Top. Menu. Getting Started. Game Summary; Forums. General. FFX: Master Linguist. 30. Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers. As mentioned in the Road Map, four of these are missable, so take care as you work through the story to ensure you do not miss any. I would. Al Bhed Primer vol. XI: Hidden behind a large stone mass on Djose Highroad. Bright Bangle: From a chest inside a small aclove on Djose Higroad. Ability Sphere (x4) Behind the building on the right near the entrance of the temple. Ether: From a chest left of the stairs to the entrance of the tiails. Magic Sphere: Obtained at the end of the. Area: Zanarkand Submerged Ruins. 1. Watch the cutscene. 2. Swim northwest and climb the sunken stairs. 3. Optional: Al Bhed Primers Side Quest. 4. Follow the red arrow pointing north on the mini-map Pacolyn Velius CV Photos Software Anime FF Misc Links. Final Fantasy: FF Index | Soundtracks | Quotes | FFT | FF9 | FF10 | CT | CC | Xenogears. Airship Passwords. The airship passwords are derived from hints left by the Al Bhed on various ruins throughout the world. You will need to have a significant portion of the Al Bhed Primers to read these hints. The locations of the hints are listed.

***** AL BHED PRIMERS: ***** A quick note: while these aren't technically permanently missable, if you only plan on doing a single playthrough, and you don't have a friend's memory card to compile. The Al Bhed Language. As you probably already know, in Final Fantasy X, the people like Rikku are Al Bhed's and they have their own language. As a sub-guest, you can collect Al Bhed Primers, which will teach you the language. In total there are 26 primers, spread throughout the world of Spira. Refer to the following table to learn their locations Al Bhed Primer II. How To Get Al Bhed Primer Iii Ffx Game8 . If you have an active file going to an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere will cause the game to identify all compatible Save files containing Al Bhed Primers. Ff10 al bhed primers. Here it is - a full list of where to find every Al Bhed Primer in FF10. The Al Bhed Primers are used to teach you each of the letters of the Al Bhed language. アルベド|Al Bhed|阿爾貝德族的台词,不仅语音,字幕也是アルベド|Al Bhed|阿爾貝德语,因此无法理解台词的意思。当得到了关键道具アルベド語辞書|Al Bhed Primer|阿爾貝德語字典的时候,则可以翻译这些看不懂的台词。辞书共有26卷,对应辞书的入手数,アルベド|Al Bhed|阿爾貝德语也有相应的修得等级.

Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Primers. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Register yourself as a member of Eyes on Final Fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. Click the register link above to proceed Some of the items you can find while digging are coins, al bhed primers, items, and upgrades for The Experiment. You can also raise your rank. There are four ranks: Sandbox League, Beach Comber, Sand Blaster, and Zen Master of Digging. Your rank can be raised after the following digs as long as you have more successful digs than failed ones: 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 digs. The. al bhed primers. I am trying to collect all of the al bhed primers but when I go back to the S.S.Liki and try to go downstairs to where number 3 should be there is a lady who is standing at the top of the stairs who says do you want to go downstairs and rest but when I rest the voyage is over You'll find an Al Bhed compilation sphere here, which, if you have previous saved games with Al Bhed primers, will compile all the primers into your current game. Head through the archway to find 2 Potions. Get back in the water, and head for the stairway under the arch that you first saw. Go down the walkway, up the stairs, and you'll come to a save sphere near a bridge over the water. Head. FFX PC - Al Bhed primer save request. FF X. It may be a bit early to ask this, although some have no doubt been speed-running the game since re-release. Does anyone have a save file with all - or even most - Al Bhed primers found? I've never experienced the game from the start with this, as every time I get around to replaying the game, it's either been on a different system or I've lost my.

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Al Bhed Primer (10000) Evoke an esper: Ice Resistance +20%: Party of 5 or less (Companion included) Arc Arcana: Monster Boss Drop Bandersnatch (6) Bashura (10) Grat (16) Mech Defender (16) Mech Leader (33) Seymour Flux: Al Bhed Primer: Boss Guide (HARD) Seymour Flux; Race Human, Reaper: Level 99 HP 8,500,000 MP 5,000 ATK 450 DEF 65 MAG 400 SPR 65 Element Resistance - - - - - - - - Status. The Al Bhed primer to translate the letter T, can only be aquired once in the game. It is located at the Al Bhed Home, so once it is destroyed, it cannot be recovered

How to unlock the FFX: Master Linguist achievement in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Win 10): Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers This mod replaces the treasure chest texture in FFX and/or FFX-2 . 2.7MB ; 4-- HD Treasure Chests. Models and Textures. Uploaded: 15 May 2021 . Last Update: 15 May 2021. Author: DarkWarriorNyx. This mod replaces the treasure chest texture in FFX and/or FFX-2 . View mod page; View image gallery; HD Save Spheres. Models and Textures. Uploaded: 22 Apr 2021 . Last Update: 22 Apr 2021. Author. Al Bhed Primer XXII. Close. 3. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Al Bhed Primer XXII. I missed this and I really don't want to play through the game again just to get it. Does anyone know of a way to import a save to the PS4 just for this primer? 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Sort by. best. - Al Bhed Primer Vol. 1 to 10 - All equipement in Kilika's shop buy - All looted equipement not sale - Say yes to Waka at Besaid Village - Obtained Rod of Wisdom in Besaid's Temple - Obtained Red Armlet in Kilika's Temple - No gils give at O'ak

This is a list of all Al Bhed primers found in Final Fantasy X. Missable means this primer must be taken when you are at the location. If you've missed it, you won't get another chance to get it. So stay concentrated and MAKE LOTS OF SAVEGAMES, otherwise you will want to kick your ass, I guarantee it. Note Al Bhed Primer Guide. by Lassarina Aoibhell. This guide lists the locations of all twenty-six Al Bhed primers. Please note that if there is more than one save file of the game on a memory card, and you use an Al Bhed compilation sphere, you will have access to all the Al Bhed Primers on the Memory Card, and the primers will not appear Al Bhed Primers Volume 1: Al Bhed Salvage Ship, deck, right side of screen Volume 2: Besaid Village, Patrol Soldiers Quarters, in front of the counter Volume 3: Transport Ship Liki, Power Room, far side of screen Volume 4: Kilika Bar, on the counter Volume 5: Transport Ship Winno, Control Room. Final Fantasy X - Al Bhed Translator. Al Bhed to English English to Al Bhed There are 26 Al Bhed Primers to find and coincidently there are 26 letters of the English Alphabet. After you find an Al bhed primer, you will understand a letter. The more primers that you find.

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You can use the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere to load Al Bhed Primer data from a previous game into your current game. If you have previously played through the game and have gathered some (or all) of the Al Bhed Primers you can use them in this game to understand what the Al Bhed are saying much earlier on. Exit the Agency for a quick cutscene with Yuna and Auron in front of the sunset still. Al Bhed Primer (X) Last updated : 2021/02/26 09:50. Al Bhed Primer (X) Rarity: Rarity 5 Type: Accessory. Bonus Effect. 500 MAX HP Adds moderate ice resistance. Soul Break . None. Equipment Rankings. Attack/Defense/Magic Mind/Resistance. Comments on this page(0) Newest. Highest rated. Post a comment... Show more comments Page Top. Menu. Getting Started. Game Summary; Forums. General. This Final Fantasy X Secrets guide will help you in your scavenger hunt to find all the Al Bhed Primers scattered across Spira. And by the way, contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, there IS a way to get the Al Bhed Primers you missed in Home and Bevelle -- I've tested it, and it works! Airship pwords and item signsHow To Speak Al Bhed Of Final Fantasy X And X2 5 SFfx Al Bhed Alphabet. FFX: Speaking in Tongues is an achievement in Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster. It is worth 10 points and can be received for: Find 1 Al Bhed Primer Anyone have a save file with all Al Bhed Primers? Close. 6. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Anyone have a save file with all Al Bhed Primers? I'm playing the game on steam! Played the game years ago, and would love to be able to understand all the Al Bhedise (without deciphering it the old fashioned way) before end game. Does anyone have a save file I could use with the compilation sphere.

Insel Bikanel, Al Bhed Heimat: FF X - Komplettlösung

  1. Find 1 Al Bhed Primer . Teamwork! Win a blitzball match . The Right Thing . Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials . A Talent for Acquisition . Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times . All Together . All party members come together . Heartstrings . View the Underwater Date scene . Show Off! Win a blitzball tournament . Striker . Learn the Jecht shot . Chocobo License . Pass all chocobo.
  2. Where to find every Al Bhed Primer in both FF10 games, plus warnings of which primers are missable. source /feature/8457-final-fantasy-x-al-bhed-primers-guide-all-primer-locations-for-ffx-and-ffx-
  3. Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XVII) Central Sanubia Desert (north side) Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XVIII) Central Sanubia Desert (near the sign post) Hi-Potion (x8) West Sanubia Desert (left side of the north portion) Mercury Crest: West Sanubia Desert (sand whirlpool) Megalixir (x3) After defeating the left Sandragora: Teleport Sphere (x2
  4. It requires you to collect all 26 Al Bhed Primers and if you miss one of the ones that can be missed, you'll have to restart the entire game. Take note that some can be missed and obtained later, but it's best to earn them at the earliest possible moment. Section 2.1 - Important Links Split Infinity's Walkthrough Cloister of Trials Guide Monster Arena / Stat Building Guide Celestial Weapons.
  5. g experience

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Al bhed primer locations ffx top 5 gaming languages to increase al bhed primer locations ffx final fantasy x hd remaster the unofficial ffx 2 translation Al Bhed Final Fantasy Wiki FandomFinal Fantasy X Al Bhed Primers All Primer Locations For Ffx And 2 Rpg SiteEnglish Albhed Translator Jeremy JacksonFigure Continue Reading Al Bhed Alphabet Translato The Al Bhed Primer (last volume) is on the floor north of these chests. Head northwest from this room into a side corridor with another glyph. Activate this one and return to the doormat one. The glyph is now working and it raises a bridge out to a chest suspended above the central spage. Collect the teleport sphere. Now, at the north end of the ruins is a teleport pad. It will take you to a. Anyway, if you collect all the letter translations - Al Bhed Primers - then complete the game and then start an new one on a different file, when you are really early on in that ruined temple where you have to start a fire, go to the Al Bhed compiler sphere. This will scan your memory card for any primers you saved on other save files. With every single primer got on another file you can now.

Meet up with Rikku's father Cid. Watch a cutscene. 2. Pick up Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XIX) and two Hi-Potions from dead Al Bhed Soldiers. 3. Save your game at a Save Sphere to the right of the doorway. 4. Proceed to the Al Bhed Main Corridor while facing Guardo Guards and Bombs along the way. 5 Items: 2 Phoenix Downs, 2 Hi-Potions, Water Ball, Al Bhed Primer XIV, Yellow Shield, X-Potion, Ether. The Thunder Plains will keep you on the edge of your seat. Not only is it an excellent place to level up, but you also have to contend with the lightning. To dodge a lightning bolt you must hit the X button as soon as you see the flash before the bolt hits Tidus. This sidequest is explained in. Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIII: Northeast of the map past the Rin Travel Agency representative. Al Bhed Primer vol. XXIV: Left of Remiem Temple: Power Sphere (x10) Defeat Belgemine's Shiva: Aeon's Soul: Defeat Belgemine's Shiva: Rusty Sword: From the save sphere before the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, follow the path going southeast. It is. final fantasy x al bhed primers, missable al bhed primers, al bhed alphabet, al bhed primer 26, al bhed primer 10, al bhed primers ffx-2, al bhed compilation sphere, ffx al bhed translator, al bhed home living quarter So, think you can post coherent phrases, only in Al Bhed and preferable w/o the help of a translator but whatever. Famm, lyh oui? Pad oui lyh'd tu ed vun suna dryh dfu ruinc. FF X-2 Komplettlösung - Final Fantasy X-2: Tempel Djose Erreicht ihr in Final Fantasy X-2 im fünften Kapitel den Djose Tempel, seht ihr einen Al-Bhed, der gebückt bei einem Turm sitzt - willigt. - O'akas Schulden vor Ende des Kapitels 2 begleichen (Prozente: Nein) - Um das Pr-Duell und die Geeignete Frau kümmern (Prozente: Nein) + 2.2 Prozente = 19.8 Prozente Wüste Bikanel: - Ereinis.

Location of Al Bhed Primer #17Final Fantasy X Location: Home (Al Bhed HomeworldFinal Fantasy X - ps2 - Walkthrough and Guide - Page 4Final Fantasy X-2/Full Throttle — StrategyWiki, the video
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